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Conquering European retail with our creative concept

Bulgarian retail has seen what a functional creative concept we created for European player Sportisimo can look like. Moris design is providing a gradual revitalisation of some of the sports equipment stores. Even in Sofia, Bulgaria, we started with an analysis, which helped us a lot to define the customers' needs correctly and thus, for example, to allocate the layout of the elements in a purposeful way, which we adapt to the country.  Not only to offer a wide selection of sports products, but above all to attract the attention of our customers and to keep them constantly on their toes, was among other things the aim of our concept. Of course, every market is different, but emotions are the same at a certain stage of the purchase process and must come first. The entire development process involved creatives, designers, graphic designers, technologists, engineers and of course the entire production team, who deserve a big thank you.

The clarity of the products, as well as a certain predatory nature of the concept we have set up, only illustrate the functionality of the whole concept. We have already applied the transformation of the Sportisimo store on the Czech market, where we literally transformed the store in Palladium Prague, because before the transformation began there were practically bare walls. 

Our new elements (the arrow symbol or the "gate of worlds") gave Sportisimo a new dynamic face. The gates of the worlds, in addition to the remote navigation of the category, effectively highlight the selected portfolio and very effectively play an emotional game with the customer on the spot, also thanks to the tilt of the visual towards the customer.

Our journey has been challenging but successful and the result of the functional concept is clear proof of that.  Proper strategy and creativity are our main hallmarks and when combined with an interesting client like Sportisimo, everything goes very easily. And because we like Bulgarian retail so much, we believe that we will not be here for the last time.

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